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Aerials by Whitney is a Belleville, IL. based company, specializing in color oblique aerial photography and construction up-dates. We show our value to our customers the old fashion way, with 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction! If you want a bird’s eye view of your site, Aerials by Whitney can provide it - with over 28,000 hours of flight experience, our own aircraft and the latest in high-resolution cameras, film and digital technology we have the right equipment to capture any view you need.


Aerial photography can play a decisive part in litigation today. Whether it's a traffic accident, environmental catastrophe, or boundary dispute, nothing describes an area like an aerial photo.  Details can be added to the photos such as measurements, time and date, placement of evidence and areas of contamination.  All negatives and information are held in the strictest of privacy.


For developers and construction companies, Aerials by Whitney can help you envision the exact layout of your property/development, and provide photos at regular intervals per your specifications to help you track construction progress. Aerial photos are an excellent marketing tool highlighting special features such as location, prominent features in the surrounding area, and have a variety of other uses such as legal, press releases and keeping investors up to date.


And how about cost? That is where we leave our competitors in our wing tip vortices. Because we own our own airplane and equipment, we cut our costs substantially and can charge you less. With each order, we provide a wide selection of views from which to make your enlargements in any size needed. Our commercial rate starts at $495 per site, (8x10) with multi-site discounts available. Progress shots are less. Assignments in the greater St. Louis, MO. area can often be completed in one hour! Assignments outside the St. Louis area can be individually negotiated, however, as a member of the International Professional Aerial Photographers Assoc. (P.A.P.A.); we can provide you with “one-call” shopping for your aerial photographic needs throughout the United States Caribbean and Australia.


We look forward to helping your business soon! Call now to capture your aerial view and we will prove our commitment: the best job for the most reasonable price.




John T. Whitney SR.


Aerials by Whitney is a St. Louis based company run by two professional pilots and photographers. We own our own Cessna 177 Cardinal and we use the latest in high-resolution digital cameras, and technology, so we have the right equipment to capture exactly the view you need.

John Whitney Sr. & John Whitney Jr.John Whitney Sr. has been flying for over 40 years with more that 15 of those in the Aerial Photography Business. He is a certified photographer trained through PAPA. John Sr. keeps up to date on the latest in Aerial photography practices and digital technology by his regular contributions and attendance at seminars and conventions.

John Whitney Jr. has been flying for 14 years, has trained at photography schools, and attended professional seminars on digital photograph enhancement techniques. His specialist expertise in photgraphy and digital artwork combine to give you the best product available in the market.


50 years safe flying award In cockpit
Accepting an award from the FAA for 50 years of safe flying. In the cockpit of the MD80.